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"Risk is life, life is risk. Only death corresponds to sustainable equilibrium. 
Any interesting out-of-equilbrium system (biological, ecological, societal, economic and so on) is prone to downside as well as upside risks, the non-certain outcomes that give rises to disruptions as well as opportunities."

D. Sornette, March 2012



Why Stock Markets Crash? - US Edition (2017)

by Didier Sornette Read more 


Floating bubbles

Letter in The Economist, March 4th 2017 Read more 


Presentation at Copenhagen

Diagnostics of global financial markets and economies: the cradle of bubbles what does it bode for the future? Read more 


Nuclear risks

Presentation on nuclear risks and quantification of cost-benefit and cost-safety analysis Read more 


Frühzeitiger AKW-Ausstieg?

Nicht der optimale Weg Read more 

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