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"Risk is life, life is risk. Only death corresponds to sustainable equilibrium. 
Any interesting out-of-equilbrium system (biological, ecological, societal, economic and so on) is prone to downside as well as upside risks, the non-certain outcomes that give rises to disruptions as well as opportunities."

D. Sornette, March 2012



Frühzeitiger AKW-Ausstieg?

Nicht der optimale Weg Read more 


An independent perspective on the costs to a society with or without nuclear power

A clarification of former results (discussed in MTEC NEWS), and new ones, within the context of the upcoming referendum on nuclear power in Switzerland. Read more 


Property Report: market development analysis and forecast

(Diagnostic as of 2016-Q2). Where do real estate bubbles exist in Switzerland and how will the market develop?   Read more 


A Rethink of Nuclear Risk Assessment

Another Fukushima-sized-accident remains plausible Read more 


Man-made Catastrophes and Risk Information Concealment

Publication by Springer of our book "Man-made Catastrophes and Risk Information Concealment (25 case studies of major disasters and human fallibility)" Read more 

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