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"Risk is life, life is risk. Only death corresponds to sustainable equilibrium. 
Any interesting out-of-equilbrium system (biological, ecological, societal, economic and so on) is prone to downside as well as upside risks, the non-certain outcomes that give rises to disruptions as well as opportunities."

D. Sornette, March 2012



A Rethink of Nuclear Risk Assessment

Prof. Didier Sornette and Dr. Spencer Wheatley, D-MTEC and a researcher at the University of Sussex, England, have carried out the biggest-ever statistical analysis of historical nuclear accidents. Read more 


Man-made Catastrophes and Risk Information Concealment

Publication by Springer of our book "Man-made Catastrophes and Risk Information Concealment (25 case studies of major disasters and human fallibility)" Read more 


Wieso fördert die Schweiz ihren teuersten Rohstoff nicht?

Read more 


Response to the criticism

"On the probability of predicting future Fukushima’s" Read more 


European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2015

Prof. Didier Sornette presented a keynote entitled "Safety and Reliability in Dragon-Kings’ Lair" Read more 

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