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Property Report: market development analysis and forecast

30 January 2013

Where do real estate bubbles exist in Switzerland and how will the market develop? An analysis carried out by ETH (Chair of Entrepreneurial Risks) and comparis.ch. The study is based on a mathematical model by Professor Didier Sornette (LPPL model). (More information...) 

Interviews and Comments related to Bubbles, Crashes and Predictions

"Ich will spielen" (PDF, 487 KB)Interview with Didier Sornette in Die Zeit, Nov 5, 2009. See also further discussions here.

Are We in the Peak of an Oil Bubble?
By Lysa Zyga, July 7, 2008 (http://www.physorg.com/)

Comment: Are economic bubbles so bad? (PDF, 287 KB)
Sumit Paul-Choudhury, from New Scientist Print Edition, 21 June 2008

Maybe Economic Bubbles Aren't So Bad After All (PDF, 152 KB)
Posted by:Eric Ames, Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rising cost of oil due to Speculation (PDF, 113 KB)
Jon Cartwright, Physicsworld, June 24, 2008

Uncovering the dynamics of bubbles (PDF, 99 KB) 
The Financial Times, FTfm-FUND MANAGEMENT, November 19, 2007

Recent Papers

Financial Bubbles, Real Estate bubbles, Derivative Bubbles, and the Financial and Economic Crisis
Didier Sornette and Ryan Woodard (2009), to appear in the Proceedings of APFA7 (Applications of Physics in Financial Analysis). 

The 2006-2008 Oil Bubble and Beyond
D. Sornette, R. Woodard and W.-X. Zhou, Physica A (2008)

Analysis of the real estate market in Las Vegas: Bubble, seasonal patterns, and prediction of the CSW indexes
W.-X. Zhou and D. Sornette, Physica A 387, 243-260 (2008)

A case study of speculative financial bubbles in the South African stock market 2003-2006
W.-X. Zhou and D. Sornette, (2007)

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